This is why we're thankful for our pets.

Want to know what having animals in our lives means to us, the Smith Vet staff? Read on!

I’m thankful for my handsome miniature Aussie Shadow and my handsome ferret Fritz for making me happy when I’m down and spending their joyful, energetic life with me.
— Johannah
I’m thankful for my fat bulldog because he is my best friend. There is no other way to experience lrue love and happiness than having Nico around!
— Aubrey
I am thankful for Kiara Mae, my dog, for always keeping me active; I’m thankful for Penelope Rose, my cat, for always being my alarm clock; and I’m thankful for Little Grey Man, my cat, for reminding me every day that life is a precious gift.
— Brooke
Kiara Mae, Penelope Rose, and Little Grey Man

Kiara Mae, Penelope Rose, and Little Grey Man

I am thankful for my three black and white cats because they are always there for me throughout all the moves and different states. We are still together and always there for each other.
— Joanna
I am thankful for my pets because of the unconditional love they show no matter what. Also thankful for the joy and laughter I receive from their crazy actions.
— Jenna
Higgins and Gus keep me entertained with their antics and they are also great listeners when I need to chat! They remind me to focus on the important things in life- family, friends, and belly rubs. Thanks boys!
— Dr. Lyman




I’m thankful for my two fish, Gilly and Nemo, that entertain my two young sons. I’m thankful that I can instill their love for animals at such a young age.
— Courtney
I’m thankful for my animals because they keep me stable and make me feel safe. I have struggled with mental illness for a long time, and my dog Luna and my kitties Sylar and Jesse always remind me that I have a reason to wake up, a reason to live, a reason to keep trying to get better. Unconditional love is all I feel with them, I could never thank them enough.
— Arlette
Luna, Sylar, and Jesse.

Luna, Sylar, and Jesse.

I am thankful for my pets Shiba, Cheza, and Mickey because they always make me smile if I’m having a bad day. My kitty Mickey is always there to cuddle. I’m thankful for Sheba because she keeps me active with her energetic personality. I’m thankful for Cheza because through all her pain and problems, she still has a healthy spirit and shows me that ‘you can forget your troubles.’
— Andrea
Shiba, Cheza, and Mickey!

Shiba, Cheza, and Mickey!

We are thankful for Boda because she has a positive attitude and is gentle and loving with our kids.
— Dr. Anderson
I am thankful for my pets for so many reasons- they represent all that’s good and show more love than any person needs. Life would be a very sad and lonely place without them.
— Rhonda
I am thankful for Oso and Atticus because I can make a fool of myself with them and not only will they not scold me, but they will make fools of themselves, too.
— Dr. Appling
Oso and Atticus.

Oso and Atticus.

I am thankful for all animals because without them there is a void in our lives.
— Dave
I am thankful for my animals. They are my heart walking around outside my body- my best friends, my confidants. They keep me honest and sane. They’re willing and eager participants in my learning at school. I’m eternally grateful for them and their unconditional love.
— Avery
My dogs are great company. They take me for walks and make me laugh. And they don’t talk too terribly much.
— Celeste
I am very thankful for my cat Cici for always getting hair on me and keeping me company. Also for being very loving and talkative when no one else is around.
— Jovani
I am thankful for their unconditional love, for their ability to uplift my spirit anytime, and for the unlimited kisses I receive. They complete my family (and will fall in love with any four pawed friend I see!)
— Angelica
Linda, Mini, Sugar, Max and Mia!

Linda, Mini, Sugar, Max and Mia!

I am grateful for my animals because they are my best friends and are always there for me when I need to be comforted and cheered up. Plus they are all very cute and cuddly.
— Abby
My animals are my life. They come first before anyone else- they make every day worth living and doing the best I can- they deserve so much and I can only begin to give them all the love they give me.
— Victoria
Like many of us, my animals are my life! I love my animals for the simple fact that no matter how good or bad of a day that you may have, when you get home at the end of the day, they make anything or anyone that was negative seem like it never happened. When people can be so hateful to one another, it seems like our pets show nothing but love.
— Ian
I am thankful for our pets because they show us unconditional love. it’s a great feeling when they’re so excited to see us EVERY TIME we get home.
— Jessica A.
I am thankful to have Crash, Callie, and Snow in our lives. They always show unconditional love and always know how to put a smile on my face, even when I’m pulling fabric from my half-eaten shirt from my cat’s butt. My life would be incomplete without them.
— Dr. Martinson


Crash and Snow

Crash and Snow

I am grateful for my graceful girl Payton. She lost her sight at an early age, but has never complained She starts each day without fear and never hesitates to run toward adventure even if she has no idea what’s coming.

”I am grateful for the loyalty in my little Walter. He doesn’t always behave like he should, but he is always loyal and grateful for any attention I give him.
— Dr. Trujillo
I’m thankful for Keela being the best cuddle buddy ever.
— Annie


I’m thankful for Jemma because she loves me no matter what and she’s always happy to see me.
— Nicole
I am thankful for all my pets (Tuxington, Walker, Rocky, Mocha, Socket, Harley-Quinn, Harvette-Dent, Molly.) because they love me and my family unconditionally, and I know that they will always be in my heart and I know they make me who I am.
— Marcia
Walker,  Harvette-Dent,  Harley-Quinn,  Socket,  Molly, andTuxington!

Walker,  Harvette-Dent,  Harley-Quinn,  Socket,  Molly, andTuxington!

I am thankful for the joy they bring my children, all the wet kisses, and the company whenever I am in the kitchen.
— Dr. Land
I am thankful for my animals because they love me and my family unconditionally. I love the presents (socks) they bring me when I get home and sad eyes when they feel like an hour of snuggles is not enough.
— Carrie
I am very thankful to have Shiedel, Ariel, and Zeus as my pets. They all have different personalities and keep us very entertained. From the shy one to the sly one, so much fun in the house.
— Margie
Shiedel and Ariel.

Shiedel and Ariel.



I enjoy all our pets. Our five dogs always put a smile on my face and let me know that we will have a great day. Our two cats let me know if I am on schedule and give me warm snuggles when I get it correct. I love the horses for their calming personalities and the goats love to talk and are great entertainment.
— Dr. Kathy
I’m thankful to my pets (four dogs, two cats, one horse, and the new addition- one chicken!) for keeping me active, for guarding my house, for always being playful, and I love them very much.
— Marizol
I’m very thankful for all our past and present pets. Our 16 1/2 year old dog teaches my children (two and four years old) how to be gentle and kind and about unconditional love. Our kitties never fail to let us know how silly and crazy life can be and how you can never do anything but laugh about it.
— Dr. Smith
I am endlessly thankful for my pets. Kona likes to wake me up in the middle of the night for kisses (which would be annoying, but her little tail goes crazy and how can that fail to make you smile?). Hyside likes to make his 40 lb body into a tiny ball and sleep all night on the pillow next to my head. Chibi will tear through the house when you least expect it, tail like a squirrel and pupils like half-dollars, with no purpose in mind aside from sheer mayhem. They are completely irreplaceable.
— Jared
I’m grateful for all the pets in my life, as they are my daily reminder to live in the moment and always give unconditional love!
— Jo Ann
I am so in love with my dog Sam- he has changed my life. I am filled with gratitude for finding him- he is so sweet, smart, loves unconditionally, not to mention very obedient. I wouldn’t be the same without him- he completes me.
— Cynthia
I’m thankful for my pets because they clean my litter box, deliver food to me in bed, and do my laundry. I don’t even have to lift a paw to take my medicine- can you believe they actually place it in my mouth for me? Pets are so great.
— Super Blanca
I’m thankful for my cat, whose purring heals my arthritis, and for my dogs, who greet me every day like I’m the best person in the world.
— Amanda
I’m thankful for the smiles I receive every time I walk in the door, the kisses on my face when I need a friend, and the laughter they elicit in all their funny, silly ways.
— Katie




I’m thankful that my dogs and cat love unconditionally and don’t hold a grudge. :)
— Hannah
I’m thankful for my dog, Kali, who is sweet and nurturing to my two-year-old. She is always happy and excited to see us after a long day.
— Dr. Yeager
I am grateful for my puppy Axel, my handsome, because he brings happiness to my days, cuddles with me when I’m cold, and is my 60 lb lap dog that I love so much.
— Becca
I could not have the great life I have without my dogs Bowser and Ginger and my cat Jasmine. I am very thankful to have them in my life.
— Steve
My little fuzzy dog is always there for me. Regardless of my feelings or attitude, he never abandons me. That’s true love!
— Alex