Happy New Year! Smith Veterinary Hospital first opened its doors on this morning, 70 years ago!

We are CLOSED today, but here's what the world looked like back then:

-First class stamps were 3 cents!

-US federal spending was about $55 billion (that's in 1998 dollars). For contrast, that is actually LESS than we spent on pets in the United States last year ($58-ish billion). 

-ENIAC (the first real computer) was completed on February 14, 1946, 6 weeks after Smith Vet opened. It weighed around 27 tons and occupied something like 1,800 square feet. Want to take a guess as to how this house-sized beast would stack up against a modern cell phone? The cell phone's about 1300 (yes, THIRTEEN HUNDRED) times more powerful. 

-I found this cool blog post from Voces de Santa Fe describing kind of a walk through downtown Santa Fe in the 1940s, including the names and types of businesses: "On and Around the Plaza in the 1930s and 40s." I think the only business names I recognized were Kaune's and Evangelo's (both still going strong!). 

What else was born in 1946 (but after January 1st) and is thus technically younger than Smith Vet Hospital?

-The United Nations

-The CIA (then known as the Central Intelligence Group)

-It's a Wonderful Life

-The San Francisco 49ers!

-The modern bikini swimsuit


-The Cannes Film Festival