September is Senior Pet Wellness Month! 20% off certain exams and lab work.

September is Senior Pet Wellness Month!

Your pet requires different types of care at different times of his or her life. We generally consider cats and dogs to have entered the geriatric life stage once they have turned eight years old, but that can vary based on species, breed, and lifestyle considerations. We recommend yearly physical exams for all of our patients, but it's particularly important to make sure that older pets get complete exams, as there are a number of age-related conditions that can be treated more easily if they are detected early.

Complete senior lab work is an important part of detecting these conditions, too; during the month of September, we offer 20% off of our Senior Screen blood panel, which includes a complete blood count, a chemistry panel with thyroid level check, and a complete urinalysis. We offer both send-out and in-house versions of the test, at about $220 (~$176 with discount) and $255 ($204 with discount), respectively.

We also offer 20% off preventive care exams for pets ages 8 and over; if your older pet is generally doing well, but you'd like to have him or her checked out and discuss caring for a geriatric pet, come on in to receive the discount.