15 Small Pleasures Only CAT People Will Understand

Inspired by this article. 

1. They're perfect head and foot warmers! Dogs (and I love dogs) are sort of too stiff and angular to really wrap around your ears and feet the way cats do...

2. Tiny licking noises while they drink water! Not only are the super-tiny, super-fast cat licks more efficient than big sloppy dog licks (look it up!), the little sounds are just so adorable!

3. When cats yawn, their little ears go flat against their head and then pop straight back up! 

4. As the sunny spot migrates across your house, you know you can find your cat mysteriously teleporting to follow it.

5. There's nothing better than watching your cat "hunt" one of his or her toys, watching the little "butt wiggle," then the POUNCE!

6. I know dog pupils get big as well, but nothing really competes with the little cat, flat on your bed, pupils as big as his head, waiting to wreak havoc. I know that doesn't sound cute, but it is, I promise.

7. Making biscuits! Or kneading! Whatever you want to call it when your cat gently massages your foot... or stomach... or face.

8. The dog-lick alarm clock is pretty good, but the cat-face-batting alarm clock is even better. You know the feeling- you're just drifting out of sleep when you feel a gentle whap-whap-whap against your face, and open one eye to see the cat, with paw extended, poised to hit you with another combo.

9. Here's a not-so-small pleasure- you never have to worry about letting the cat outside first thing in the morning! Thank you, litter box.

10. Step one- place wild-eyed cat in bathtub. Step two- throw cat toy in tub. Step three- hilarity ensues. There's something about that low-friction bathtub environment that makes cats go nuts!

11. Ever leave a box- empty or, even better, filled with packing material- in the middle of your floor? How long does it take for a cat to make that box a tiny cat playhouse? No more than 30 seconds, in my experience.

12. Any time you're in the bathroom, you know you need to keep your feet away from the door, or a tiny paw will absolutely snag you from the other side.

13. Dogs chase their tails too, but there's something about a cat (a creature, I think you'll agree, with a certain level of inherent dignity) whirling around like crazy trying to catch that long thing attached to its butt.

14. The cat crazies! Imagine this- you're sitting in one room of the house when all of a sudden, it sounds like a herd of water buffalo are rampaging across your bed, through the living room, and over the sleeping dogs. Invasion from the Serengeti? No, it's your eight-pound cat running from one end of the house to another while all the other residents duck and cover. Never fails to bring a smile to the face.

15. PURRING! Dogs don't purr, man- they have their own great stuff, but the purr is just hard to live without. It might even help heal your bones (you can look this one up too)!