It's a real cat-bites-drone story!

Seriously! Photo evidence (they're a LITTLE gross, but not too bad) and story:

This is an 8-month-old neutered male cat who came in last week after his owner noticed he was bleeding from a cut on his face (you can see it in the first picture), not eating, and acting unusually. The owner also remembered that the cat had been playing with a drone the previous night, and when Dr. Lyman examined him, she found he had a broken upper right canine tooth in addition to the cut on his face!

We anesthetized him, removed what remained of his injured tooth, and cleaned up the toenails he had broken (presumably in the same interaction with the drone).  The patient was sent home with a pain patch (you can see it on his hind leg near the bottom right corner of that first image) and an injection of a long-lasting antibiotic. 

He was in this morning for a recheck visit and is doing well!