I feel a few ways about this video.

Here it is, from Time: "Watch a Huge Dog Take a Veterinarian for a Ride on His Back."

1) Is it a little funny to watch the dog take off with the person on his/her back toward the end of the video? Yes, of course.

2) BUT. That is very poor restraint technique. If the patient is that big and you are having trouble working with him or her, the correct strategy is to stop what you're doing and re-assess your approach. 

3) It can be dangerous for both the staff members AND the patient to proceed with a plan that isn't working- I REALLY thought that woman was going to hit her head on the metal treatment table when the dog took off, and the patient was clearly uncomfortable with how he/she was being handled. 

4) I wasn't in the room with the patient, so all these impressions are based on nothing more than a 40 second video, but we understand how difficult it can be to work with larger pets, and they often require you to adopt a more cooperative approach to avoid such a situation. 

Sermon over. Sorry sorry sorry!

Source: http://time.com/4193854/dog-carries-veteri...