Could cats do more to help us if we let them?

Via the Columbia Missourian, "MU researcher hopes to study benefits of cats for children with autism."

I'm going to excerpt a small part here, because it made a lot of sense to me:

"The study of human-animal interaction is a relatively new field of research. People who may benefit from the research often hear about it over social media instead of from a medical professional, Carlisle said.

'In social media, people just hear this — dog, dog, dog,' Carlisle said, gesturing toward a photo in her office of a dog in a red collar sitting obediently.

Dogs may not always be the best companion animal for children with autism, though. Some children with autism have a sensory sensitivity to noise, for example, so a dog's sudden barking can be more upsetting for them than for a child without autism. Dogs can also be more 'in your face,' Carlisle said, and are often much larger than cats."

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