We sometimes make jokes about how our vet hospital is nicer than some human facilities, but...

From the Atlantic, "Most of the World Doesn't Have Access to X-rays."

I read this article when it first came out a couple of months ago, and I wanted to post it here because of an experience we had in the last year. Our "old" ultrasound was dying, and we had recently acquired a new ultrasound to use for full studies, but we wanted a different, slightly less full-featured and less expensive version to use for cystocentesis procedures (extracting urine from the bladder for analysis). We purchased sort of a budget unit, thinking there was no way the image quality would be too poor for that limited use, even though the sales rep warned me specifically that "we mostly sell these units to users in the developing world."

Well, as it turns out, we were wrong. The unit wasn't good enough for what we needed, and we shipped it back. When I saw this article, I remembered our experience with the ultrasound and put two and two together. A machine we had deemed not good enough for our vet hospital is what patients and physicians in the developing world are lucky to have. Perspective's a helluva thing, right?