We feel your pain!

From the Concord (NH) Monitor, "Hidden costs when pets are like family."

The author identifies something that pet owners really, really grapple with, and I thought it would be good to add my two cents to the article.

I worry that our clients (and any pet owners put in the position of deciding whether to spend a great deal of money on a pet vs. saying goodbye to him or her) think that choosing the latter option might make them look heartless or cruel in the eyes of veterinary medical professionals.

In my experience, this is far from true.

Those of us who work here (vets, nursing staff, front desk staff) deal with these situations all the time, and understand probably better than anyone that there are limits to what can be done for our pets, and that euthanasia can absolutely be the best answer. If anything, our exposure to the cost and difficulty of pursuing certain advanced treatment options makes us more accepting of how unrealistic those are to most of our clients and, frankly, to most of us, too.