Staying safe when visiting the vet's office!

Very valuable information here, from the Northwest Florida Daily News: "Remember safety when visiting veterinarian's office."

A couple of things from the article I would like to clarify:

1) On the topic of "make sure you have a functional cat carrier"- we understand that not everyone has the disposable income to just go out and buy a new carrier, so we do keep a stash of donated carriers that we are happy to find new homes for on request. Don't hesitate to ask!

2) On the topic of "keep your dog on a short leash in the lobby"- using retractable leashes is OK in most places, but they're not super functional in an enclosed space, which is why we have racks of slip leashes* hanging in the lobby that you are free to use during your visit. Again, we understand wanting to let your dog run a little more free when you're outside or on walks, but it's often a good idea to restrict movement around other dogs who may not be nice or who may not be feeling well.

*If you don't use the slip leads because you're worried about them getting too tight on your dog's neck, we can show you a slick little way to rig them around the chest to avoid that problem