What's better than a cat cafe?

So you guys have seen these articles about "cat cafes," right? They started in Japan (I think) but now they're cropping up all over the world. Now, the idea is super cute, and I love coffee and cats as much as the next person, but if I'm being TOTALLY honest, the idea of actually going to a cat cafe does not appeal to me all that much, and I assume some of y'all feel the same way.


Here, via FOX 61 News, is the answer to what I believe is a question I didn't know to ask- "Beers and belly rubs: Meet London's pub dogs." I may not love the idea of cat hair + coffee, but sipping a beer and jrubbing a tubby dog belly sounds juuust right. 

Source: http://fox61.com/2016/02/15/beers-and-bell...