Breed bans are (still) silly.

From / the Florida Times-Union, "UF study shows little genetic link between pit bulls, those classified as pit bulls."

This is funny for a couple of reasons. 1) Pit bull bans are dumb in and of themselves. 2) We OFTEN see pets who are clearly of pit bull ancestry, but categorized by the shelter as a "lab mix, " or a "mastiff mix," or (this is my personal favorite) a "Jack Russell terrier mix." 

Sample conversation: "Hey, what breed are we calling that dog?"

"Uh... [looks at check-in sheet] Says here 'Jack Russell terrier mix.'"

[raised eyebrows all around]

"So that must be one of those special shelter Jack Russells!"

(P.S. I have no problem with attempts to get around the bully breed ban, it just produces some pretty funny situations now and then.)