Heat wave's a-comin'!

Natalie just tipped me off to this severe weather alert for next week.

Pets are mentioned in the warning, but here's a more detailed list about how to care for your pets when it gets hot, hot, hot:

1.       This one almost goes without saying, but you should never leave your pets alone in the car.

2.       Make sure your pets (especially outdoor pets) have a shaded, ventilated area they can retreat to when it gets hot

3.       Brush your pets’ coats out to make sure excess hair doesn’t make them too warm. Shaving your long-haired pet may seem like a good idea, but shaved pets can sometimes be susceptible to sunburns and damage to the hair coat. Keeping excess fur brushed out of their undercoats is a safer way to make sure your pets stay cool.

4.       Exercise your pets early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the heat of the day.

5.       Keep cool, fresh water out for your pets at all times

6.       Dogs and cats are only able to sweat through their paw pads. Other than that, pantingis the  way they are able to cool themselves.

7.       If you are worried about dehydration, symptoms to watch for include excessive drooling, lethargy, and a lack of moisture on the gums. If you notice these symptoms, your pet should be seen by a vet ASAP.

8.       Keep a small wading pool in the yard for dogs to wade through and cool themselves.

9.       If your cat likes to relax in the bathtub or sink during the summer, let them! Those are great places for your cat to stay cool.

10.   To cool down a dog, soak their paws in water. To cool a cat, pat them down with dampened towels.