Does anything in these pictures make you nervous?

Maybe it should? Via VetStreet, "9 'Cute' Cat and Dog Pictures That Are Actually Dangerous."

So here's the thing.

I think most people understand that photography, like other visual arts, is not always intended to be representative of real life. This is especially true when it comes to images that are carefully composed like those in the article. It seems like the author is concerned that people are taking cues from these artistic images in a way that wouldn't happen with similar images involving people, which is probably somewhat reasonable. 

However, I think most pet owners (especially y'all) are aware that...

...letting cats play with string is not ideal dogs bones (especially without supervision) is not a great idea

...milk can give cats an upset stomach

and so on. 

Let me know in the Facebook comments- was any information in this article a surprise to you?