Tags, explained!

I had some unavoidable downtime the other day (waiting on hold for tech support- maybe you've heard of it), and I decided I would use it to go back and try to tag old posts so readers can easily find all posts on a given subject without scrolling through dozens of other articles. 

I had some fun with the tags, so I decided to make a little glossary to explain what's what. Feel free to let me know if there are types of articles you think deserve their own tag and I'll do my best to add it!


(in alphabetical order)

BEHIND THE CURTAIN - What's it like to work in a vet hospital?

COACH 'EM UP - Training tips and information

DOG JOBS - Fairly self-explanatory

GEEKERY - The more obscure and impenetrable topics

KEEPING CURRENT - News and notable events involving pets and veterinary medicine

LAND OF ENCHANTMENT - Straight out of New Mexico...

LEARN ABOUT MEDICINE! - Vet medicine topics


SILLINESS - Just the goofy stuff

WAIT- WHAT?? -  News of the weirder sort

YOU WILL NEED TISSUES - Sad (or sweet!) enough to make you cry

I'll add more as they become necessary, and you can click any of the tags at the bottom of this post to see examples of the type of article to which each tag applies.