Employee of the Moment: Courtney!


1.  How did you start working in the veterinary field?

     Growing up I always loved animals.  We had a dog when I was 5 and atage 10 I had my first bird as a pet.  I was hooked and have sincebecome a big bird nerd.  I continued to have birds while growing up.   I went to Virginia Tech for undergrad where I majored in Biology andhad a minor in Chemistry and became fascinated by animal behavior andthe zoo field.  After receiving my bachelors, I worked in the zoofield, primarily with birds, for 8 years.  I was very involved withthe collections husbandry, breeding program, training, and veterinarycare.  My husband and I relocated due to his job and I began school toget my license as a Registered Veterinary Technician.  It was anatural transition for me going from the zoo field career to theveterinary career.  I have since been working as a technician for 10years.

2.  What is your favorite type of patient?

   I always love seeing the puppies come in for their wellness exams, butI have grown to love my patients that are in the ICU.  When you carefor them on a daily basis and see them recover from major surgery inyour care, that is very rewarding.  I know that I have provided themwith the best patient care that I can and that has made them morecomfortable during their recovery.  I hope to pursue a VTS specialtyin Emergency and Critical Care in the future due to the impact thatthese patients have had on me.  And of course whenever an avianpatient comes in, I am always eager to help!

3.  What advice would you give to a first time pet owner?

   This day and age, pets are members of our families.  My best advice isinvest in their health by having annual wellness visits and realizingthat emergencies will come up throughout their lifetime and to beprepared.  A pet is your responsibility both financially andemotionally.

4.  Who was your first pet?

   My first pet was a Minature Schnauzer puppy named Toby.  I was 5 andas much as I wanted it to be my dog, he was totally my dad's boy.  Myfirst bird was a budgie named Max when I was 10 and that was when mylove for birds began.

5.  Tell us about your boys!

   I have 2 young sons, Tyce and Holden that are 5 and 3.  They areloving, tough, and crazy, but we love every moment we spend with them.   As a parent its so amazing to see life through their eyes and watchthem become the little people that they are destined to be.

6.  Did having pets prepare you at all for children?

   Absolutely!!!  My husband and I got a puppy, Brodie, while we weredating and he was our first baby.  My animal training background thatI practiced while in the zoo field helps tremendously as well.   Reinforce the good and redirect the bad!

7.  What is your favorite pastime?

   I love to travel!  I love visiting different places, experiencingdifferent foods, and seeing different cultures.  When it comes toactivities, I love to play and watch tennis, although life seems toget in the way of that sometimes!

8.  What was the last movie you saw?

   Since my boys are old enough to go and see movies in the theater now,  we see a lot of kids movies.  Most recently I saw Moana and lovedevery minute of it!!!  I'm a crier and certainly did so while watchingthis movie.  The next month I took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate mybirthday and most of the time we were there I would hear the amazingsoundtrack in my head!

9.  Favorite candy?

   I'm a chocolate girl so anything chocolate is my favorite!  Lately itsbeen York Peppermint Patties!

10.  Team Rojo or Team Jerry?

   Team Jerry!!!  He has become such a fun little buddy to have in thehospital and I think he loves his role as our hospital cat!!!  WhetherI'm fetching his ice cube for his water cup or giving him snuggles,  he's such a fun cat to have around!