Be very, very careful with rawhide treats.

From KOB 4, "Rawhides can pose health risk for dogs."

Yes, even the sight of rawhide toys and treats can make veterinary medical professionals cringe a little bit inside- we've all seen many (MANY) instances of these treats getting swallowed whole and either a) getting stuck in the patient's esophagus, making  it difficult for them to breathe, or b) getting stuck somewhere in the patient's GI tract, requiring surgical removal.

IF you give your pet rawhide treats, please supervise them closely, although even this doesn't work all the time. We carry dental chews that look like rawhide treats, but are actually made of particles that have been broken down and then compressed, so they break apart easily in the stomach. 

Another treat with kind of a low reputation in vet med is the marrow bone:


It seems impossible, but we see cases where dogs manage to get the bone stuck entirely around their bottom jaw, so we have to sedate or anesthetize them to cut it off. Be careful!