A day in the life of... an aquarium veterinarian!

At Slate, "How does Leigh Clayton, the National Aquarium's director of animal health, work?"

Smith Vet bonus!

This article reminded me that our cardiac ultrasonographer told me some cool stories about her experiences working for the veterinary hospital at the University of Minnesota.

-She once performed an ultrasound study on a large fish.

-If you stick an ultrasound probe into the top of a fish tank (maybe don't try this at home), you can get beautiful ultrasound images of all the fish as they swim through the beam. Remember, water is an amazing medium for the propagation of sound, which is why whale song carries for such a long distance.

-I was wondering why electrocardiograms are referred to, apparently interchangeably, as both EKGs and ECGs. She told me that at one point, hospitals did a lot of EEGs (electroencephalograms), and the sounds of ee-see-gee and ee-ee-gee were easy to confuse, so people starting saying ee-kay-gee in order to avoid confusion. It's a little similar to the reason for why the left and right sides of boats, which used to be called 'larboard' and 'starboard,' respectively, are now called port and starboard to avoid confusion.