"What does a healthy-weight dog look like?" is a topic that often comes up at parties I go to

Not really. But I was spending time with a friend who doesn't work in vet med recently, and it made me realize the extent to which the general public has trouble distinguishing a chubby dog from a fit dog: "Is Your Dog Overweight? You May Not Realize It" (via National Geographic).

If you are curious about your pet's body condition, a couple of things:

-There are two widely-used body condition scales- a 1-5 scale, and a 1-9 scale. We use the 1-9 scale, where both 4 and 5 are considered "healthy." On the 1-5 scale, a 3 is considered healthy.

-We record body condition scores on patients at (virtually!) every physical exam, and we're happy to look at your pet's record and tell you his or her most recent BCS if it would interest you!

-If your pet hasn't been in recently, come by and let one of our nurses or doctors have a look and let you know how he or she is doing weight-wise.