Could this be true?? According to Super Rojo Jerry, it is...

Yes, I had an interesting discussion with Jerry after reading this article, and sure enough, he explained in great detail, and perhaps a little disdain, that indeed he is left pawed.  He proceeded to do several antics displaying his leftedness, and I must say it was quite a show.  (I never knew he could do cartwheels) 

From The Telegraph,  Paws for thought:  Cat righties vs lefties?


Early holiday gift guide, chapter 1

Vet Tech Week in review!

We had a lovely week full of vet tech appreciation activities for all the technical staff- catered food almost every day, snacks, cards, an awesome photo booth in the break room- and we thought we would give you a peek at some of the silliness.

Thank you (again!) to all the doctors, and to Liz, Rachel, and Ryan, our wonderful Purina, Royal Canin, and Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim reps, respectively.