International Health Certificates

(for pets!)

Travelling with your pets? That can be a genuinely nerve-wracking experience, especially if your travel plans involve a foreign country. We routinely prepare health certificates for pets going to European Union countries like France or Italy, as well as those travelling closer to home, like Canada or Mexico. The certificates themselves are long and intimidating, but we are happy to help you through the process! 

Disclaimer: Certain countries require specialized lab tests that have to be prepared months in advance, and even less-complicated health certificates often benefit from having considerable lead time, so please plan ahead and  get in touch with us as soon as you start considering a trip abroad with your furry friend. It will typically take 3-4 weeks to prepare the certificate, so allow at least that amount of time.  Please email Jenna, our veterinary technician in charge of health certificates, at  with "international health certificate" in the subject line, or call the office at 505-982-4418 and ask for Jenna. 

For more information, check out the USDA's APHIS Pet Travel website or contact the consulate for the country to which you'll be traveling.

In some instances, you will have to visit the USDA APHIS office in Albuquerque as part of the process. Their address and contact information are as follows: 

100 Sun Ave NE

Ste. 320

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Phone: (505) 313-8050