Marybeth is our air traffic controller. When she is here, things just get done. She cares deeply about all of our patients, takes great pride in her work, and she is just a wonderful human being.
— Dr. Mike

Marybeth was born and raised on the family ranch in Wyoming. She moved to New Mexico in the 1990s, then moved to San Francisco and worked at a specialty practice in the Bay Area until joining us in 2002. Marybeth has seen the growth of our hospital from the ground up, and she currently plays a crucial role in the functioning of our hospital as Technical Supervisor. “It has been a pleasure to be part of the family and watch the hospital grow,” Marybeth recalls,  “I really love my job.” 

Marybeth enjoys the fact that there is something different happening everyday, and she especially appreciates the emergency aspect of our practice. She also loves developing relationships with patients and clients and being a part of the journey from puppyhood and kittenhood to old age. In her free time, Marybeth enjoys spending time with her wife Andrea, birding, hiking, and taking care of her 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 bunny, 5 geese, and 18 chickens. 

Marybeth was the New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association Humanitarian of the Year in 2005.