Super Blanca (Employee Emeritus)

Super Blanca was a scholar, statesman, and polymath in the mold of Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare, or Kanye West.
— Dr. Mike

Super Blanca joined our staff after a wild youth that saw her join (and subsequently desert) the French Foreign Legion; join (and immediately desert) the US Merchant Marine; scrape out a living selling caricature drawings to tourists on St. Mark's Square in Venice; hike her way through the Himalaya in search of the fabled Catnip Fields of Xanadu (unsuccessfully); chase storms through Tornado Alley (a little TOO successfully and not, like, for science- she just digs storms); and finally, smuggle contraband string toys across the Mexican border, where she was finally caught and, as she put it, "domesticated." 

We were extremely pleased that she chose to join our staff (although, in fairness, it was a condition of her parole). Her sunny attitude and occasional wacky hijinks kept all of us entertained and on our toes.

We will miss her always.